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LG Super slim mobile portable DVD player 모바일 DVD 플레이어'KP95NW72 PLUS'LG전자

구매링크 https://coupa.ng/biUFRY

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[치참TV] LG전자 모바일 외장 ODD KP95NW70 리뷰ㅣ내 손 안에 모바일 DVD플레이어를 담다

LG전자의 외장형 ODD가 USB Type-C 지원, 최신 디스크 링크 Pro 앱 등으로 더욱 강력해져서 돌아왔습니다.
시장 최정상의 위엄을 이어줄 것 같은 이 녀석, 지금 바로 확인해보세요!

(이 리뷰는 LG전자와 에누리닷컴으로부터 제품을 제공받아 제작하였습니다.)

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Google play http://goo.gl/MHt7au
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App store https://goo.gl/fioe6y

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LG DP132 Review

Product Name : LG DP132 Review.
Amazon Product Link : https://amzn.to/2RtSdvM

Product Description:

Enjoy your favorite video and audio with the LG DVD Player with USB Direct Recording. Multiplayback allows you to watch a DVD or JPEG or listen to an audio CD or MP3 while USB 2. 0 Plus allows you to playback any JPEG, MP3 or DivX file stored on a USB device. Plus, with USB direct recording, its easy to extract audio tracks from your CD to your USB to make your own MP3 music file collection.

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