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McIntosh MC300

Producing the new Causenation album - part 2 - The Roland Mc-300!

Welcome to the second update about the pre-production process of the new causenation album.
In this video I will talk about the Roland Mc-300 microcomposer and how I use this sequencer to trigger my hardware synthesizers.
More video's about the Mc-300 are coming up so make sure to hit the notification bell after subscribing to my channel.

[맥스틸] MC-300 콘덴서 마이크 소개 및 테스트 영상 4K

[맥스틸] MC-300 콘덴서 마이크 소개 및 테스트 영상 4K

맥스틸 MC-300 콘덴서 마이크의 언박싱, 조립, 음질 테스트 영상입니다.




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