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나쁜(BAD) 디자인! — UI 디자인 에센셜

UI 디자인 기초를 다루는 온라인 라이브 강의 내용 "나쁜(BAD) 디자인" 편

본 강의는 코로나 19로 오프라인 강의 집합 교육이 제한됨에 따라
온라인 라이브로 진행되었던 강의 일부를 편집 공개한 것입니다.

온라인 라이브 강의 진행 시간은 약 2시간 가량이며,
진행된 강의내용을 지속적으로 편집하여 공개할 것을 알려드립니다.

이듬은 함께 성장하는 바른 교육을 지향합니다.

#함께성장하는_바른교육 #이듬 #디자인

GOOD vs BAD Character Design: Tips and Tricks!

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Joopis :

Professional Industry Artists Brent Noll and Maximus Pauson break down Good Character Designs and Bad Character designs with the three fundamentals of clarity: Silhouette, Palette, and Exaggeration. What are you doing right and what are you doing wrong? Lots of tips and tricks for digital art and traditional art.


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Any-Mation : Listen, this is so valuable, like disgustingly valuable. In 100 years these principles will still be essential, like they were 100 years ago too.

P.S. thanks for the shout out my boys <3
isaac cooke : The tip about improving hands through using silhouettes is like... so smart. Why did I never think of that
- Kronoeme . : When art isn't art but a lifestyle
Mina : The music in the video goes so well oh my god
DositK : whats the background music at 8:45
Chris Webster : The reference sketch of the lions at the zoo is accurate.
XenoPlays VR : I like the original drawing better on the first one.
soft blossoms : when the original design looks better then the re-design
Hailee likes creepypasta : This helped me with my digital art
Vxra.Mp4 : "Red might feel Dangerous and Sexy"
Tord from Eddsworld: My robot isn't the only thing that's giant~

Unpleasant Design - When Bad Design is Used to Hide Problems - Extra Credits

Sometimes bad design is created intentionally, to cover up a flaw in the system instead of fixing it. Using cities like Seattle and London as examples, we examine how architecture is designed to remove homeless people from the public eye without actually helping them.
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Special thanks to Gem Willy and Ethan Richie for the guest art!


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♪ Intro Music: "Penguin Cap" by CarboHydroM

♪ Outro Music: “The Oppressed” by Hernán Marandino
Extra Credits : In September of 2017, the city of Seattle placed 18 shiny new bike racks underneath a bridge that was slated for demolition in less than a year. Why? Unpleasant design. What lessons can we take away from this to apply to our games?
Julyan Peterz : Disgusting homeless camps
I live by a ditch where a camp is
AngelDust: C-137 : can confirm. seattle council and pd are EXTREMELY anti homeless
Kristi Pelegrin : BRAVO, BRAVO!!!!
chromebomb : i hate skatestoppers
Glitchedthunder : I'm getting mad over this
你好 :DD : poor homeless people i wish i could slap the goverment for doing this- >:/
Sonifa Sharmin : 5:32, looks like you got some howlers buddy.
benexe gacha : The 2.8k dislikes are people who do this or Karen’s who are like this is hurting my child’s perfect life omg
David Jones : It is important to remember that not every homeless person is an addict or alcoholic. Even those that are still people. Compassion is never a bad thing.




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