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The Flash: 10 Powers You Didn't Know He Has

The Flash Is More Powerful Than You Think
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The Flash is easily one of the most recognizable heroes in DC’s collection of caped crusaders. He can move at super speeds, usually wears a red jumpsuit, and can crack wise with the best of them. However, there are plenty of things that you probably don’t know about the Flash and his superpowers.

For instance, he can break the laws of physics whenever the writers need him to, is basically immortal, and can reboot a universe at a moment’s notice. The Flash can also, phase through solid objects, throw lighting, summon cyclones, create after images, and make functional clones of himself. He’s also able to speed read, talk super quickly, heal at high speeds, travel through time, disrupt telepathy, alter his voice, and cut through nearly anything.

While these many abilities make the Flash pretty overpowered, it also makes him an amazing superhero that can take on any villain that brushes up against him.
cvix oo : Wanna know the fastest speedster:

The camera
Name Name : I know all of these and I have never read a comic book
Bossking 25 : Title “Top ten powers of the flash you don’t know” yea Bc he never shows them in the seasons tf
Atred : Ans you have going invisible, flash time + taking people with him in it and borrowing the speed of a other speedster,
Zanele Maseko : Everyone who has watched the flash knows that they depowered him
redbatreach framer : Who said we did not know that
AestheticallyRoblox : He speeded in what the 1st ever episode right?
AestheticallyRoblox : Guys omg he can phase
Jacob White : Dislike this comment if you did not know these, yea that’s what I thought
Max Whitaker : I already knew this and anyone who watched cw’s flash would

Feeder Flash 10/16: Stocker Demand Light

Daily Cattle Market Report for Friday October 16, 2020
eric ritz : The reason we see a low market for these lite weight feeder cattle. Is the independent backgrounders lots are empty and they cant buy cattle because they can't borrow money, to buy them and The big feedlots will not put out cattle to these backgrounder lots cause they can't make money either. I live in central NE and within a 40 mile radius of where I live. All the backgrounder lots are empty.
Rick Matz : Western Canadian calves are getting pricey. Lots heading to Ontario.
Missy Laneous : Here in NH there are a ton of Biden signs. The highly populated, liberal coasts.
Luke Dog : All I see around me from stocker folks is short weaning. WhAt they do is buy them cheap at the stockyard , wean them about 3 weeks and then say they are weaned for 60 days. The other good trick is to get your local bank to loan money to buy loads of calves , then send them to feedlots and get them to loan money on the same group. Buy shiny trucks like that until someone catches on. Least that what I see stocker folks doing around these parts.
Ezra VanTassel : If guys would wean 45-60 days and give 2-3 rounds of shots it pays to do that
Ezra VanTassel : I haul cattle all over the country and see 1 Biden sign for every 1000 Trump signs.
Dean Pahl : I'll be surprised if anything changes, even if TRUMP gets elected.
Montgomery Livestock : I think we should hear you do some calling one morning
david Edwards : They gave row croppers 40% more market and ran corn to $8 a bushel with the RFS mandate. Then row croppers ran rents up and plowed up a lot of pasture. So they overproduced until they're back to $3 corn. Plus they get crop insurance and other kick backs from the government. I don't ever feel sorry for row croppers.
Black T Ranch : Thanks for calling out Oklahoma Cattlemans Association. The name is absolutely hypocritical. Thanks.

AMIGO erklärt Flash10

Ein blitzschnelles Kartenspiel mit Spaßgarantie!

Jeder Spieler muss seine Kartenreihe in eine aufsteigende Reihenfolge bringen. Klingt eigentlich ganz einfach … aber keine Karte darf verrückt werden und jede gezogene Zahlenkarte muss gelegt werden. Wer seine zehn Karten in eine aufsteigende Zahlenreihe gebracht hat, ruft „Stopp“ und beendet eine Runde. Dann werden über mehrere Runden Punkte verteilt. Gewonnen hat der Spieler, der als Erster 50 Punkte erreicht hat.

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