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Payday Loans Explained | Pew 12 million Americans take out payday loans every year, but there are still misconceptions about how they are actually used. Follow the story of Jennifer, a typical payday loan customer, who takes out a cash advance on her paycheck to make ends meet, but ends up paying more than $500 in fees.

Predatory Lending: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Payday loans put a staggering amount of Americans in debt. They prey on the elderly and military service members. They’re awful, and nearly impossible to regulate. We’ve recruited Sarah Silverman to help spread the word about how to avoid falling into their clutches.

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Yuul Selv : When is a loan not predatory?
ITAMAR KAZAKEVITCH : "tell ebola to come over for a breeze" covid 19
Kuricow : Be
Julie W. : My brother used those. If it's a single time, that's one thing. But regularly, you're throwing a huge chunk of your paycheck away. Same as when people rent their furniture (NEVER DO THAT). Buy second hand, or buy a bit at a time. If you live beyond your means, you will be consistently drowning. Also, NEVER sign a contract without fully reading & understanding that contract (front & back).
ShortVidos : 2019: "2020 will be the year that the US will heal!"
2020: laughs in corona
Matthew Bullock : They’re laundering money genius
noemi vitek : The scream at 2:12. It scared me
Xeccelerator : Bernie and AOC have worked together and introduced a bill on capping the amount Payday Lenders can charge at 15%, called the Loan Shark Prevention Act. I'll be interested to see which corrupt Republicans and Democrats, who are beholden to the Payday Lending industry, vote against that bill.
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JerJer B : Amazingly there are loan sharks like this all over the world, including in Japan and in Switzerland, where I currently and used to live.

The Truth about Payday Loans :Young, British and Broke BBC Full documentary 2013

With a million people set to use payday loans to pay for Christmas this year, Miquita Oliver goes undercover to find out the truth about Britain's most controversial type of borrowing and meets people whose loans have spiralled out of control, sometimes with devastating results. But for every person she talks to who is desperate for cash to survive, there are others just after money for new clothes and parties. So how much do people really understand about how these loans work, and what they are getting into?

Miquita, who has had her own financial troubles, opens up her own payday loans shop rigged with secret cameras and hears startling stories of how these loans both exploit and are exploited by the people rushing to take them out. With the industry under scrutiny like never before, she tests whether lenders have cleaned up their act or whether some are still lending irresponsibly, creating big problems for the very people they are supposed to help.
Kelly : You can't borrow your way out of a spending problem!
HS SH : Thank god these imbeciles are out of the EU.
Michelle : You I’ll regret not paying it back later in life
Jarod Waldron : Broke ass
Em O : Child tax credits... why do people still wonder why certain people have kid after kid after kid.
Em O : Why are all these people blaming the loan companies? Everyone is saying 'poor me poor me!' but it's their own damn fault for not reading the fine print. I have no sympathy for a dumb girl who takes money just to party. Ridiculous.
DMcG : What a bunch of dumb motherfuckers. Instant credit is instant debt
DMcG : "Become a prostitute"...nearly spat out my tea
Wu Wei : This is terrible, targeting young people who clearly have as much idea of how personal finance work as my Dog.
Stephan Black : The Queen is the biggest Welfare bum in England.


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