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AKAI MPD 218 Review (Quick & Dirty)


Check MPD218 price on

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Access the link below for the full-length, in-depth AKAI MPD218 review and test which goes far beyond what’s covered in this video:

In this video I give an overview of the all new AKAI MPD218 pad controller. Amazing device for an amazing price.

In a few days I will publish an in-depth video review of the MPD218 and more finger drumming jams on it. I ordered a second MPD218 already as it is one of the devices I need two instances of.

If you want to share your own views of and experience with the AKAI MPD218, please use the YouTube comments section below. Please also use the comments section for any questions regarding this video.

XpressPads AKAI MPD 218 playlist:


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Akai MPD218 Setup With MPC Beats

Are you having difficulty mapping your Akai MPD218 Midi controller to MPC Beats?

I wanted to create a video for those of you having a difficult time getting the MPD218 Midi controller to work inside of MPC Beats just like me.

I’ll show you how to use the factory mapping script for the MPD218 and how to create your own MIDI mapping script/preset that will control the Pads and Q-Links inside MPC Beats.

I forgot to mention that the MPD218 Midi controller needs to be on (program 5) for this to work as well. Press the [PROG SELECT] button then press Pad 5. The name of the program is MPC_Pads. This will put the controller onto the correct program to control MPC Beats software.

Download MPC Beats for FREE:

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MP218 - Can Rain Actually Wash Away F1 Track Rubber?...

More great questions from you guys for today's #AskElvis. Topics covered include, driver clothing weight; rain washing away F1 track rubber; how F1 cars travel; data sharing between team mates; Alonso at Daytona; losing the Sauber name from Formula One and more...

Thanks for all the questions.

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