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SSD vs HDD Test in 7 Games (Loading\FPS)

SSD vs HDD Test in 7 Games (GTX 1060 + i5 7600k)

Samsung 860 EVO 2.5 inch SATA3 SSD

Grand Theft Auto V
Rise of the Tomb Raider - 01:23
The Witcher 3 - 02:49
Mass Effect Andromeda - 04:05
Fallout 4 - 05:41
Project Cars - 06:56
Far Cry Primal - 08:44

Windows 10
Intel i5 7600k 4.5Ghz
GTX 1060 6Gb
SSD - Samsung 850 Evo-Series 500GB
HDD - Western Digital Blue 7200rpm 1TB
16Gb RAM
MadLane : HDD is basically 2x slower, but one thing is a fact (as far as i know) Disks do not affect FPS, loading exist so the texture,information, assets, etc.. all the game stuff get's loaded into the Vram and Ram, the moment the loading ends the disk will have almost 0 activity.
mafia city Hilmy : Philosophers : money isn't everything. You can't buy time
Rich people : hold my no queue exclusive lounge airport card, my 500mbps bandwidth and my 2tb nvme ssd
Samuel Wong : I just swapped an SSD into my 2010 iMac and it runs awesome !
Aba Abe : HDD's loading screen allow me to play blink game until its finish
Ashok Kumar Das : in a px if i use a ssd for os and hdd for game can i get the same loading time as hdd
Me-ann Resplandor : Me watchinf this at 2020 on what should storage i buy speed or quantity plus durability and lide span
King Of Bel : If you got a HDD, you can use the 10 or 20 seconds difference to have a quickie with your girlfriend before playing, so its gonna be HDD for me bro!
include stdio.h : you have to understand the game files are imported by ram in your loading time then after the gaming performance depends on ram speed and its capacity not on SSD or hdd
Born2 SlayYT : So for faster gaming loading do I need to install the games in the SSD ..or i can just use my ssd for the system and the HDD for gsmes
Taimoor Shah : this is what i was looking for . thanks for the upload. now i can use my 1 tb external hdd as gaming drive.

Mood️(fortnite highlights#3)

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مواصفات البي سي:
I7 2600k
Rx 580 8g
Ram 8g ddr3
Ssd 120g
Power 650w
SymFN : What fps do you average and cap at? I have a i7 2600k and i might get a rx 580. Please respond
زيرو / Zero : استمر مبدع
سراج احمد : الافضل حياتي
Devour Tempest : Good work
Devour Tempest : Heyy amazing content ❤️
ItzSpite : Nice video you're insane! Want to support each other ?
Diwet : هكر الة شوية

How to operate standard fiber laser marking machine

This video will show you how to operate standard fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for marking and engraving on metal(aluminum, stainless steel, brass, silver, alloy, gold, titanium, iron) and nonmetal surface. 50W, 70W and 100W Fiber laser engraving machine can also cut thin metals, such as stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, gold, silver, brass, titanium, etc.

Laser source
Raycus (Wuhan) is the best fiber laser source in China. Most of Our customers choose Raycus. The quality and stability of this laser source are very reliable. The laser source lifetime is more than 100,000 hours. It is with high working efficiency and no matter how many years pass that the laser power deduct just only 3%.

Scanning head
It can control scanning direction and speed

The brand is SINO which comes from Beijing, most China laser factories use SINO scanner head for laser marking machine

Original JCZ original control board from Beijing
1)Laser source COM
2) Scanner head COM
3) Foot switch and rotary COM

The latest EZCad software version number is
2.14.8, China laser machine suppliers use EZcad software. The software support CorelDraw, AI, And photoshop format. Photoshop format Support Russian language

Field lens
The brand is Wavelength from Singapore with maximum 300*300mm working area

Laptop with 14" Lenovo brand
The laptop will install the machine software. Laptop configuration as below: CPU: Intel N3060 1.6G ,RAM 4G, HDD 500G ,Display 14"HD

Micro-adjustable working table
When you put need marking or engrave on the micro-adjustable table, it can help you micro adjust left and light and can up to any position that you need

For more detailed information, just ask me freely.
Name: Kelly Xu
Mobile Phone :+8613014619085
Skype: 008613014619085
Whatsapp/Wechat:+86 13014619085
E-mail: optic103@optic-tech.cn
Talk with me on whatsapp directly via: https://wa.me/8613014619085




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